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David McQuay, Jr. (813)876-2170

The firm specializes in providing personalized services of the highest quality to small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities. David's responsibilities include managing and directing the firm's overall services to nonprofit organizations, state and local government agencies and the general public (consulting, tax planning and preparation, and financial and management advisory services, etc.). The firm specialized in providing personalized services to small businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities The firm serves major clients in the State of Florida including state, county, city and large non-profit organizations that required OMB A-133 audits.

Celinés Santos, Office Manager/Staff Accountant

Celiné (813)876-2170

Among Celinés's various administrative support functions is the coordination of all incoming communications; both telephone, through email and in person; received or sent to clients and non-clients. Celinés has:

- Knowledge of the firm's and client's accounting records maintained.
- Knowledge of the firm's time and billing system.
- Any other type of communications to the managing partner of the office for his attention

As Office Manager she is thoroughly familiar with management of both medical and legal professional and totally familiar with "best practices" in professional offices. She assist in the internal administration of the firm in direct harmony with the Managing Partner.

  • David McQuay, Jr., CPA, PA
  • 110 N Lincoln Ave
  • Tampa, FL 33609
  • Telephone: (813) 876-2170
  • Fax: (813) 877-7300